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Crispus Allen, Gotham (FOX) || Jackson Avery, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) || J. Martin Bellamy, Resurrection (ABC) || Winston Bishop, New Girl (FOX) || Wallace Boden, Chicago Fire (NBC) || Coach, New Girl (FOX) || Harold Cooper, The Blacklist (NBC) || John Diggle, Arrow (CW) || Marcellus Gerard, The Originals (CW) || Wes Gibbins, How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) || Sam Hanna, NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) || Raymond Holt, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX) || Frank Irving, Sleepy Hollow (FOX) || Dean Iverson, Gracepoint (FOX) || Terence Jeffords, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX) || Andre Johnson, Black-ish (ABC) || Pops Johnson, Black-ish (ABC) || Nate Lahey, How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) || Peter Mills, Chicago Fire (NBC) || Derek Morgan, Criminal Minds (CBS) || Tedward Mulray, Bad Judge (NBC) || Billy Soto, The Mysteries of Laura (NBC) || Odafin Tutuola, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC) || Leon Vance, NCIS (CBS) || Richard Webber, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) || Joe West, The Flash (CW)

Jesse Williams ole SEXY ass bruh.

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My Cousin did it… honestly i really thought id be married before him… i’ll never forget the day he met her that same day he said he felt something when he seen her but was scared to talk to her cuz we was bummed out after playing ball at parade grounds (park next to prospect park if u from ny) we was walking home n he kept staring across the street when she was waiting on the bus.. i pushed him like yo go ahead cuz he kept staring at her… long story short here he is today with the same woman only difference is she got his last name… happy for em 

Black Love Excellence!!

OMG!!!!!! The story makes it even more beautiful!!


What's oujia from Anonymous















some game white people play so that they can talk to dead spirits idk if it works and im never gonna try it to see if it does

I did one before. Creepiest shit ever

what happened?


When I was little I went over my Hispanic neighbors house cause his daughter was having a sleep over. She pulled out the board and started playing with. I didn’t believe the shit until we heard someone crying downstairs. We thought it was her little cousins because we had lost them. We went in the room and it was throw up all over the floor and walls and the two little cousins were standing in the middle of the room, spotless. We asked them who was crying and who threw up and they both said the “lady” did. I went home after that.

nope nope nope  woulda never went back i woulda moved to other continent what is thissss

That shit really works bruh. For some reason I was convinced to try it out a few years ago. Still can’t get over it.

sigh tell your story bruh what happened?

My friend got the game for her birthday and was like “let’s try this shit out”, so my dumbass was like “aight I’m down.” So her, my boyfriend at the time, and myself went to her house and tested this thing out. We started by asking questions only one of us would know, like my boyfriend’s great-grandmother’s name, underwear color and shit like that. Then we tried upping the ante and asked some questions about our dead relatives. First of all, the ouija board had a name, and even spelled it out for us. It also was born in 1780, so that bitch is old. We asked it about my dead grandmother (where is she, what was she doing, stuff like that). The board started talking for my grandmother and used the pet names only my grandmother and I knew. We started getting freaked the fuck out, and tried putting the board away, but the ouija board wouldn’t let us. It kept spelling out how angry it was at us and shit. We finally threw it back in the box and left it in her basement, but the lights in her basement went out and her entire house lost power. My black ass took myself back home ASAP

in the basement what in the hell shoulda jumanji’d it threw it in the river i bet its still down there

lmaoo at your leaving your friends to fend for themselves i woulda done the same shit doe lol

nah this shit is no joke.
my little sister, her friend, and i fucked with that shit for like a week once. we were talking to dead people and shit like it was nothing but i would get these huge migraines after i used it, so clearly whatever the hell it was was taking a physical toll on my body. I declined further usage of that haunted little board. but my sister became almost fucking possessed by it. we would find her sneaking away to use it all the time and locking herself in her room so we couldn’t see her use it. then she started waking up in the middle of the night screaming and running out of her room. EVERY SINGLE FUCKING NIGHT for like 2 months. but the crazy part is she never remembered screaming or anything the next day. no damn memory of it at all. I took that board, burnt some sage around it, and buried that shit in the woods. not this time satan, not today.

bruh…. bruh….  ill never touch one of those mother fucking things

I was young, maybe 8 and I got dragged to a slumper party my older sister wanted to go to. I played with my sister’s friend’s little brother while they did they’re slumber party games then they invited me and the other kid to their room to play with the Ouija board. I had seen and heard stories about it but my curious ass wanted to try it out. The girls started asking it questions about school and dumb shit then one asked if the house they were in was haunted.

The board answered yes, then said attic. So guess where the fuck we all ended up going. We get to the attic with the board and the girl asks if it’s a boy or girl and it replies “rape”. I bolt for the ladder. And all the lights go out. I try to go back to the bedroom to hide under the bed. And I end up in the living room. Girls are screaming, parents are yelling, and I see person on the couch tied up. I pass out.

Never again

Bish whet?! I would have cried for days on end. Never will I ever play with one of those….

Wait……….WHAT?! Nah. No. Nope. Nein. Nu-uh. Hell no. Fuck all of this. I’m not fucking with that shit at all



This horrific incident has been well documented, everywhere: from YouTube videos of survivor interviews to PBS Lesson Plans for school teachers. Please do your Google diligence:

  • From May 30 to June 1, 1921, white citizens of Tulsa bombed burned and shot up the “Little Africa” section of Tulsa FOR 18 HOURS STRAIGHT
  • Why would they do that? That same old lame excuse, a Black man supposedly did something to a white woman. But the real reason was ECONOMIC JEALOUSY. Whites may have called it Little Africa derisively, but there is a reason that Black Tulsa is known as Black Wall Street
  • In addition to the 300 Blacks killed, and over 1,000 residential homes burned to the ground, also destroyed were:
  • The Mt. Zion Baptist Church and five other churches; the Gurley Hotel, Red Wing Hotel, and Midway Hotel; the Tulsa Star and Oklahoma Sun newspaper offices; Dunbar Elementary School; Osborne Monroe’s Roller-Skating Rink; the East End Feed Store; the Y.M.C.A. Cleaners; the Dreamland Theater; a drug store, barbershop, banquet hall, several grocery stores, dentists, lawyers, doctors, and realtors offices; a U.S. Post Office Substation, as well the all-black Frissell Memorial Hospital. All told, marauding gangs of savage whites destroyed 40-square-blocks of Black economic and entrepreneurial prosperity!

64 years after the first bombing of an American city was committed against the Black residents of Tulsa… the second bombing of an American city took place in Philadelphia when the city bombed the black members of the MOVE organization. (see the blackourstory archive for details). 

Isn’t it a shame that 76 after the bombing of Tulsa, when Timothy McVeigh blew up the Murrah Federal Office Building in Oklahoma City, most historically illiterate Americans - including American “journalists” - responded as if it were the first time such a horror had been visited on Oklahoma. If only we knew.

While there are many lessons to be drawn from this, a few questions that stick out to me are these:

  • If the answer to Black second-class treatment from whites in America is supposedly to become the ultimate American capitalists…the ‘model minorities’… how do you explain Tulsa 1921?
  • For those Black folk who think that the sole answer to Black people’s problems is simply more Blacks becoming business owners and more Blacks spending money with other Blacks… how did that work out for our people in Tulsa in ‘21?
  • Considering not only Tulsa, but Rosewood, Florida, and many other thriving all-Black towns that you may know of that all met the same fate at the hands of murderous, envious, lazy crackers… WHEN ARE WE GOING TO ACKNOWLEDGE AND TAKE SERIOUSLY THE IDEA THAT BLACK WEALTH (ESPECIALLY ALL-BLACK WEALTH) WILL NEED TO BE PROTECTED WITH PHYSICAL FORCE?

There is a reason that Marcus Garvey AND Elijah Muhammad had armies of trained Black men as a huge part of their organizations. Many of us Black folk took those great men as jokes, yet NO BLACK LEADERS SINCE THOSE TWO have reached the same heights of economic and ideological success and unity of Black people. 

Not only do we need to LEARN THIS HISTORY, we need to start taking these events men and movements MORE SERIOUSLY, and doing some CRITICAL HISTORICAL ANALYSIS if we are ever to stop being on the bottom rung of every metric in American life. Not just some casual or accidental reading of history; some CRITICAL. HISTORICAL. ANALYSIS.

TULSA 1921 was real. PHILLY 1985 was real. Will it happen again?


Disney’s Feast - Special Look

Do you people see this shit DO YOU PEOPLE SEE THIS SHIT?!

I’m pretty sure this is another short Disney decided to do eperimenting with the techniques they used in Paperman where they combined 2D and 3D. Ohhhh my OGIDSALKJ IT’S GORGEOUS!! I hope this means we’ll be seeing a feature length movie with this utilized soon.

I hope this also means we’ll someday wee more techniques come out of this as a result.

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